ACASAK Technologies 
Boston, MA

ACASAK Technologies provides consulting services to support any water or environmental monitoring project. We specialize in using technology to facilitate continuous monitoring of environmental conditions, such as connecting sensor technologies to the web to provide real-time access to field data. We can build and maintain these sensor networks to meet any need. We also provide data analysis and data management of environmental monitoring data, from statistical analyses to GIS spatial mapping.

We are based in Boston, MA and serve the New England area. We collaborate with researchers at UMass Boston and Boston University, and we're connected with scientific needs and new technologies. Most importantly, we approach every project with personal interest and ownership and go out of our way to make sure the monitoring is as successful as possible.

Environmental data analysis

GIS analysis of turbidity transect

Monitoring environmental conditions with sensors can produce huge amounts of data. Analyzing this data is often overlooked or put off indefinitely because it can be tedious and complicated. We are experts in environmental data analysis. We can provide statistical analyses or GIS-based geospatial mapping of the data. We can organize and summarize the data to help you answer the management questions you are asking. And, we can help you develop models to use the data to solve environmental stewardship needs.

Water quality monitoring in rivers and bays

water quality monitoring buoy prototype

Long term monitoring of conditions in the water involves many challenges, from bio-fouling of equipment to severe weather stresses to finding a secure base for electronics to securing sufficient power. We have experience building buoys with researchers at UMass Boston for the strong weather and fouling conditions of Boston Harbor, and we can construct shore-based installations for the most remote locations. We specialize in installations that can automatically send data to the web via radio, cellular, or satellite telemetry.

Video monitoring of episodic events or time-lapse imagery

beach erosion camera

Often the best way to understand what is going on in an environment is with images. Time-lapse cameras can be used to capture slow changes over long periods. Video can be used to capture episodic events that happen infrequently but abruptly. In coordination with partners at Boston University and UMass Boston, we have developed low-cost camera equipment that can send real-time images or video over wireless networks. We have tested this equipment in many projects, and we are constantly working to improve capabilities and lower costs.

Weather data anywhere

Community Boating weather station

Who doesn't want to know local weather conditions? Weather conditions are always changing. They are a driving force for many natural phenomenon. And weather conditions can be very localized, meaning that more weather stations are needed to monitor local conditions. It turns out that it is very easy to set up and maintain a real-time web-connected weather station anywhere. We can help you design your installation and we specialize in keeping costs down and streamlining the data flow.

Web automation of models and real-time data

web automation graphs real-time data

How do you plan on using your data? Do you want to publish it to the public on the web, or will you run it through a model to make and share predictions of other natural phenomenon? We love organizing data and setting up systems to communicate real-time information to the public. We can help you build models and publish the results of the models on the web. We are available to provide any data analysis or data automation services in support of coastal and wetland environmental monitoring.

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